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Delights of Beirut celebrates the rich history and legacy of Lebanese culture. Revolving around a core of set ingredients, with an emphasis on freshness and simplicity. Delivering a modern take to the historically savory Lebanese cuisine for a vibrant and friendly online food ordering and delivery experience.


alexander yellen
Just walked in looking at their sign that caught my eye. Immediately the smell of kabob enters your nostrils. I tried their fried meatballs and wanted more. I had to try their lamb and it was so succulent. A must try in south Florida. They are a family oriented business and...
Alyssa Vilotti
Highly recommend! Especially the Aryis! Staff is great and my food was delicious. It was so authentic! This is a must if you enjoy Lebanese food or want to try something new!
Jimmy El Hokayem
Unbelievably authentic! The only real deal lebanese restaurant in Miami. Everything we had was great. From the tabbouleh, to the kebbeh and cheese rolls and 2asbeh. The cherry on top, best shawarma you will ever have guaranteed. Add to it the wonderful family business...
Kylie Hicks
Great food and friendly staff:) 10/10 would recommend
Yami A.
Loved my experience here. Nice family owned restaurant with fantastic food. Very authentic and delicious. All the food is made from scratch in-house and you...
Mary T.
Excellent Lebanese cuisine. This family run business is friendly, fast and the food is delicious. I will definitely return to take advantage of their...